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A tactop plate carrier (also known as a hard plate carrier or soft plate carrier) is a very lightweight solution for modern, full size backpacks. Designed to be worn above a regular back pack, these carriers come in both hard armor and soft armor configuration. The hard armor configuration of the carrier will protect the contents of your backpack from damage, while the soft armor configuration is designed to protect your backpack against the impact of an impact. If you plan on using your backpack on a regular basis, you’ll want to invest in a carrier that offers the most protection possible. You should also consider the features offered by your carrier and whether they will benefit you in any given situation.

The features that a tactop plate carrier may offer differ depending upon the manufacturer and the model that it is manufactured with. Some manufacturers design their carriers with features that will benefit experienced hunters and even occasional users, while others are more geared towards protecting those hunters and users who are more concerned about functionality and durability than style. Manufacturers such as Schrade have developed a carrier that offers protection against slings and batons, which are the most common ammunition used by law enforcement agencies across the country. This is particularly important if you plan on hunting in areas that have been identified as having high crime rates or that are considered to have high hunting risk factors.

Another aspect to consider when shopping for a tactop plate carrier is the ease of use that the carrier provides (more information). Since they are designed to be worn on the back, this may present some unique challenges, including comfort and fit. If you are an avid hunter, you’ll want to ensure that you purchase a carrier that offers a snug fit and comfortable straps so that you can wear them over again without the discomfort that other designs may cause. Some people who do serious range work prefer hard armor covers over soft armor, especially for when they are carrying spring loaded ammunition. Soft armor is also preferred by some other professionals who hunt in hard to reach places.