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Since modern day plate carriers have to be both strong and lightweight, it can often be difficult to know which one is the most suitable for you. You should understand that although your vehicle may have a bulletproof vest as standard, it may not necessarily mean you can go and purchase the same vest for protection. There are also soft armor and hard armor, although the plates you use on your vehicle will fall under the former and the hard armor falls under the latter. As well as knowing the difference between stab, spike, and bullet proof vests, there’s also a whole array of other ballistic armor available which has to be explained. Bullet proof vests stop many different calibers of ammo depending on what grade they’re graded at, but these grades also come with a price tag. Soft armor doesn’t stop ammo at all, instead stopping it from piercing through your soft skin.

There are other types of body armor as well such as soft body armor, bullet proof vest, and stab proof vest. Bullet proof vests stop bullets and other projectiles, but are not capable of stopping an assailant in their tracks who isn’t using a gun. This is where the stab proof vest comes in as its name implies. Stab proof armor stops a larger caliber bullet from penetrating your skin or body. It is important to note that all of these different categories of body armor were designed to stop various sizes and speeds of bullets depending upon the application.

Because law enforcement officers have a very sensitive job that requires them to use deadly force in a certain amount of time when arresting someone, they must be equipped with proper body armor as well. Although these vests are far more expensive than soft armor, it is still worth the money for their safety. In the end, every officer in the department will be happy that they chose to purchase one of these jackets to help prevent them from ever having to deal with an assailant. If you are in the police force, or any other profession that requires you to use deadly force, make sure you are properly protected with one of the many different types of body armor that are available to you today.